Jan 10, 2008

Why Dion Bernard?

Before I became pregnant, I always wanted to give my baby a meaningful name. It may not be unique or unusual but I want his/her name to have sense. Better if it would be a combination of my name and my partner's name or names of persons that are important to me.

When I became pregnant, I chose the name CERD ZABDIEL BERNARD if boy or CERD ZABDIEL BERNARDETTE if girl. That is because CERD is from my mother's name, Cerediona, Zabdiel means Son of God from Names dictionary and Bernard is from my father's name, Bernardo. But somebody told me that it's not good to give child a very long or complicated name for lots of reasons so I started to search for lots of names in the dictionary. But iI ended up naming my baby DION BERNARD, which from my mother 's and father's name (CereDIONa and BERNARDo).

We gave him the nickname Abi which is a bisaya (Filipino language in Davao City and in some parts of Mindanao) that means "I/We Thought". Because while I was pregnant of him and before I found out from the ultrasound that he's a boy, lots of people says that my bay is a girl because I like pink colors so much and my tummy's shape tells that it's a girl according to some beliefs. But they're wrong. =)

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