Jan 28, 2008

My Bestfriend

Not all of us have Bestfriends and I am one of those lucky people who have one. Her name is Stephanie P. Gales but I call her Tetet, as the nickname that I gave to her that originates from Matet which is her real nickname. I considered those people who have bestfriend as lucky ones, including me(of course!), because a bestfriend is the only friend that woud not leave you, no matter what. As they said, Friends come and go, though those few true ones stays but you may never knew how long they stay, they may need to go and you can't do anything to keep them. A bestfriend is not just true and real, they're a genuine treasure that is worthy to keep more than anything else.

I met my bestfriend when I was just 8 years old and she was the same age as I was then. It was October, 2008 at the Iglesia Ni Cristo church, Buhangin Locale. We were both member of the Children's choir then and I was new on that locale since my family transferred there from Panacan. I don't remember how she looks that time but I guess it's still the same face that I'm looking right now only cuter. We were still young and guess can't pronounce all names so since that day, unconciously, we baptized ourselves with the name that we can pronounce with the best that we can. As mentioned above, I named her Tetet, and she named me Jing-jing, which is originally Jen-jen. Since then, we're inseparable.

We never get angry to each other until we became classmates in our sophomore years in high scholol at University of Souteasern Philippines, Laboratoty School. Actually, it was only me who gets angry with her, for (I just realized it lately) nonsense reasons, I don't want to think of it anymore. The longest time that we didn't speak to each other was a week and all those times, I feel so empty. I remembered her sang "Tell Me" by Joey Alberts while in front of me, out of the blue. She claimed she never did it or didn't remember doing it but I am very sure that she did it, maybe she doesn't mean to sing it to me but it still touched my heart. We were painting our chairs then. Each time we speak to each other after all those petty fights, it brings tears to my eyes because I would realize how much I'm missing her.

We always write to each other eventhough we see and talk to each other everyday. We do that because, sometimes, one of us wants to say something to each other that we think is better said in letters than in verbal way.

We have lots in common but have something that we're opposites too. We both are talkative. Our mothers always ask why we can't get enough talks (we call it "chikka") even we always see each other. It may sound funny but we don’t know either, it's just that there are always lots of things that we can talk about to each other. Nothing in my life had happened that she didn't know. She knows everything, as in every LITTLE thing about me. Nothing escapes her, well, I don't let any detail about my life escape her because in case, I lost my memory, there's someone to remind me how beautiful my life was before I lost my memory.

I am optimistic and she is pessimistic. We like that idea because if I am too positive she puts negative thoughts about it and when she's too negative, I give her my positive thoughts so we balance it. I am aggressive while she's conservative in comes to relationships. But we're both adventurous but not with life, I am a risk-taker while she always wants to play safe. We both love nature-tripping so much. We both are night-lifer too when we're still in college. We like to eat but she always sees to it that she's still in a budget while I spend lots for foods. We both like to dress up but she's more trendy-looking than me. She's always a listener and I am most of the time, talker. It seems that she doesn't have lots of dramas in life and I always have.

The things that I can most describe my bestfriend and the reasos why she's the best among all of my friends is because she's always there when noone's around, she understands when noone seems to care, she listens when everyone seems to be deaf, and she cares for me more than anybody else.

Honestly, there are lots of things that I can say about my bestfriend but can't make it into words for now. I don't want to be sound bias but I can never think of any bad things about her. For me, she's perfect and she's the bestfriend that everyone could wish they've had.

[To Tetet,

Thank you for being a part of me and helping me with all you can to be strong. Though you may not be aware of it, but you inspired me in your own simple ways and I always thank you for that. You’re the BEST and I hope that you always know that. I love you Girl!]

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