Jan 9, 2008

It's an achievement

One of my greates achievement in life is to become a mother. Being as such was never an easy task, starting from the day of conception til to this very minute, but the feeling is uncomparable.

The most amazing part of this is to witness your child's development. From your flat tummy to a huge one that you can never figure out how you would turn it back to how you have it before, from seeing a 2lbs. human body to a running little kid, and to a crying little creature to someone who'd clearly call you Mommy. Everytime I think about this, it would bring tears to my eyes. Thinking about the hardness I had while conceiving my baby til the hardworks that I do just to provide him everything he needs. But all those unmeasurable hardships are always being paid off by the sight of your little angel, running to you and calling you "Momma" each time you go home from work. Nothing can be very wonderful when your baby kiss you on your lips each time he's thankful of having you in his life. I may can't understand everything that he utters but I always feel it that he needs me and I couldn't ask for more than that.

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