Jan 10, 2008

An Angel was born

Early morning of the 23rd of September, first thing that I recognize was an unusual discharge from my vagina. It is so sticky, just like a white blood before the menstruation, it just beige in color. I thought that it is just normal for a pregnant woman. But I realize that the smell is like the fresh blood, but I didn't panic because I didn't feel anything unusual.

I went to the office to deliver the foods that my officemates had ordered from my parents then went home immediately since it was my day off. I took a nap after having my breakfast then woke up for lunch. I decided to pay my doctor a visit because I would like to ask for her Certificate that I can start to have my Maternity leave. I waited for 2 hours at her clinic due to lots of her patients. Finally, it's my turn.

I then told my doctor about the discharge that I saw earlier and she did an Internal Examination (IE) to my vagina to check my cervix and to my surprise, my cervix is already 2cm open, so I need to go to my hospital because anytime from then, I will due to give birth. I still didn't panic because I didn't feel any pain just like the usual way to give birth.

Since the hospital is just a walking distance from my doctor's clinic, I just took a walk. I admitted myself to the hospital. I enjoyed the experience because while I was at the emergency room waiting for my doctor and parents, I met lots of women who are about to give birth too but I felt sad for them because they're in such terrible pain. All of them wondered why I was so relaxed. It may sound crazy but I wondered too(lol!). Then around 8p.m., I feel that I had to piss and it was the time that my waterbag broke just right after I sat on the toilet bowl.

I didn't give birth on that day because on the on the ultrasound it shows that my baby is on Frank Breech position which means that he's lying on his stomach inside my ovary with his feet facing my vagina ( I call it the frog position. lol). I was brought to my room to have a rest and wait for tomorrow for the big day.

At around 6a.m. on 24th of September, a nurse woke me up telling me that I need to clean myself because my doctor had arrived and I will be giving birth anytime from now. I feel awkward because I didn't feel like giving birth since I don't feel anything that would tell me that my baby wants to go out. But I took a bath then wore a hospital gown. I was then put on a stretcher going to the Operating Room. Upon reaching the OR, I was introduced to the Anesthesiologist(I'm sorry I forgot her name and too lazy to look at my baby's birth certificate). She told me the process that I'll be undergoing and I felt excited. My Mom was so nervous that time while me is so relaxed and even laughs with my doctors.

By 7:30am (I'm not sure with the time because I don't see any watch that time. I just estimated it), I was brought to the OR and saw all the nurses and 3 doctors who'll be in charge of my delivery. I was first injected at the spinal cord and it numbed my whole body. They put oxygen hose on my nose to help me breath, I think. I was all awake but they put a curtain in fron of me so that I can't see the whole operation. I felt that my body was moving and I'm very sure that they're staring to slice my tummy. I was just listening to them though I can't hear clearly what they're saying. I don't know how long it took but finally, at exactly 8:48a.m. (as satted on my son's birth certificate)I heard a baby crying. A very soft voice that sounds like an angel to me. After that I felt dizzy but one of the doctors ( I believe she was the pediatrician) woke me up and introduce me to an angel that I named Dion Bernard a.k.a. Abi.

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