Jan 9, 2008

Changes in me

As said, "Nothing is constant except change" and I know everyone agrees to this.

One of the major changes I had in life is to evolve from an invisible human to a confident girl. Sounds funny but yes, I was once invisible, not literally though but I was invisible in the sense that it seems that no one recognizes me except for my friends and my family. And if other people recognize me, I am always the laughing stuff, which means that I am not worth to be recognized. Well, I love to make people laugh but never meaning to hurt their feelings. But that is not what happened to me before, but that was in high school.

I am an ugly-duckling geek who wears eyeglasses all the time since I was a sophomore until I graduate high school and always has this big wig that even if I comb it a million times, it still appears to be a big wig that never ever looks good to anyone including me. When I was at that point, I never realized that I never existed in campus until such time, way back in colllege that I changed physically and gained confidence that I realized that I should never have lived the life I had in high school. But it already happened and I have no choice but to charge it as an experience.

When I stepped into college, I met some people whom I've seen as good-looking and it was then I started to criticize my own physical appearance and learned that no one can ever recognize me and even respect me if I don't show them the nice part of me(physically), Here are some things that I did:

-- Be concious of the trends and what people wear. Though you may not like it but look at the popular people in campus and check out their outfits and what made them looked good. Watch teen movies and observe the characters, their dresses and how they carry theirselves (eg Mean Girls)
-- Experiment with your looks. Try to wear some outfits that you commonly you observed to be trendy. I had my hair relaxed and wear contact lenses instead of eyeglasses.
-- Brag a little about yourself. Start with your family, then your friends. If they are true to you, they will tell you how you look, if it's bad or not. So, make sure that you have true friends. I have my all-time bestfriend who is always my guide in trends because she herself knows how to be trendy.
-- If you're not sure about trying the things that you observed, consult someone whom you can trust about it. As mentioned above, I always have my bestfriend beside me.
-- Stick to what make you feel comfortable like jeans and sleeveless shirts (as for me), the next ....
-- Be confident. Remember that you would only look good, regardless of what you wear if you are confident with what you are and that start to being comfortable of anything you wear.
-- Walk like you're on a cat walk but don't overdo it. Look good and feel good.

So, to all those who thinks that they're invisible, you try this and see if it works for you. Good luck!


  1. i think you need that most couz'your so ugly mostly now..........

  2. your advise just perfectly need you right now you must apply it to your self..look at your face in the mirror and ask your self if you need it most or not............