Jan 11, 2008

Baby concerns

Some of the most common problems your baby may develop are dealt with below:


Crying is natural. Your babies cries to tell you that he needs something.The various reasons for which babies usually cry are:
Being too cold
Being too warm
A full nappy
Being ill or in pain

If your baby settles down when you hold him, cuddle him as much as he wants. Remember that your baby is not crying to upset you.


Colic is a state when baby cries for three or more hours steadily every day or evening with no specific reasons. There is no known cause or cure. You and your baby will just have to wait until she outgrows it. There are few soothing things you can try:

Carry your baby in a sling or front carrier and take a walk.
Lay baby on your knees and rub her back
Play some rhytmic sound for your baby such as mobile on cot.
Swaddle her snugly
Let your baby suck on your clean finger for comfort
If nothing helps, This does not mean that you are a bad parent. This phase of your baby will go. If you get too upset or tired, take some time to help yourself feel better. Ask another adult to supervise your child.

Cradle cap

A thick circle of dead skin may form on the scalp of a newborn baby. Do not try to pick off the scales, as this can lead to infection. This will eventually clear up of its own accord. However you can soften the scales so that they drop more easily by using almond or any baby oil.

Nappy rash

One of the best way to prevent nappy (diaper) rash is to to allow the baby to be without a nappy as often as possible. One of the most important thing to remember is to remove diapers as soon as they are dirty or wet. Clean the area gently with warm water, don't put on new diaper until skin is completely dry. Make your child wear diaper through which it's skin can breathe. Calendula cream is very healing and may help to soothe the soreness of nappy rash. It is available from pharmacists or health food stores.
Click for more on nappy rash

Blocked tear duct(sticky eye)

About half of all babies develop ' sticky eve' some time in the first 3 months after births. Because it is not severe problem, parents are usually not given clear explanation. Most sticky eyes in young babies are are caused by a blockage in the ducts which drain the eye. Try to learn the way of cleaning the eyes from mid wife or your child health carer. Mothers are often advised to massage the tear ducts. Most ducts clear by six months of age if not before. Only in very few cases medical intervention is required.

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