Apr 22, 2015

Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Better You

I would like to start a little tradition in my blog called "Words of Wisdom Wednesday". I know it isn't original (i looked it up before I started typing this) as I have found one in Pinterest, but it's a good way of sharing some words of wisdom, at least one each week.

As a quote fan myself, I get inspired by a simple phrase that reflects me as a person or my current situation. It is like getting an advise on the spot. So with that, I hope to also inspire people with these quotes I'd be sharing every Wednesday, the same way they inspire me.

Words of Wisdom Wednesday #1:

I am a very competitive person. I love winning (who doesn't?)! But I used to love it for the wrong reason - to be better than somebody
One time in my career I realized how stagnant it has become. I needed to move. I needed to do something different. And I started blaming someone for not giving me the chance to go where I wanna go. I felt that someone is holding me down, making me stay where they want me at. 

I was wrong! There was nobody.

It was me who's making myself stay! I have become too comfortable that the place, my work, let me forget what I was capable of. I refused to learn something. I've let my comfort dictate me. 
So I took a good look at myself in the mirror - figured out who I really am and the things I could do.  

A good assessment of oneself is a good start of creating a new you. You should know who you are deeply, then you would figure out how to make yourself better and BEAT THE OLD YOU!

I hope you're having a good hump day!

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