Apr 14, 2015

J-THINKS.COM - New Domain, Old Blog

Guess I'm back! Yay!

I am sure you're not as excited as I am. Or you may not know why you're even receiving this on your email [if you subscribed to my Feeds a few years back].

As part of my comeback, I've changed some and more later. First change is the Domain name. This used to have it's own domain {www.jonaverslife.com} but I don't have that anymore, so I switched back to the original one, free-hosted by Bloggers.com {jonaverslife.blogspot.com}, but now, after 3 years, I finally got a new name - www.J-THINKS.com!

Another change I made a few months ago is the layout. If you've followed my blog before, you'd probably remember how Pink/Purplish it was. It was personalized with a 'too girly' look and I feel that it's about time to give it a more matured appearance[no promises for matured content though]. The change is not final [not a believer] and will never be, but it's going to be a lot different than the old one, for sure.

Lastly,  contents will going to be different. I am planning to use this blog mainly to share some tips, guides, ideas that I found, used, will use, and I feel would be useful to anyone. I'd still share some personal details about my life once in a while, but it would be something that I want people to learn from. So, stay tuned because it's going to be busy as I have so many things I wanted to share. My brain is too full, it feels like it's going to explode! Then, it's going to be bloody!


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