Apr 16, 2015

Life is too short to keep things to yourself

"Life is too short to keep things to yourself", said Lucky Manzano, host of Kapamilya Deal or No Deal, to Ella Cruz, one of the so-called Lucky Stars in the show, while they were talking about her revelation that she has a huge crush on Enrique Gil. He said it when Ella expressed her regret for revealing her secret because she'd now feel awkward around Enrique when she sees him again on one of their shows.

I agreed to his quote. Life is definitely too short to keep things to ourselves. We should be more expressive with our feelings, but at the same time be sensitive with our words. If we like or love someone, we shouldn't be afraid to tell them. Words would mean the world to that someone.

Growing up, I don't remember hearing my parents' endearment to each other. In fact, I don't even remember hearing them say 'I love you'. Only in these past few years that I heard my mother say those words to me and their grandchildren. It could be because of how they were brought up I can't recall a time when either of my grandmother (both my grandfathers were deceased when I was born) tell my parents or any of us, their children, that they love us either.

I'm not expressive myself, but I love saying the words 'I love you' when I feel it. I always tell that to my husband and my son and they constantly remind me of how much they love me too. My son would even call me just to tell me he loves me! I do tell that to my parents too, but because I am not used to saying it to them or hearing it from them, I feel a bit awkward. Have you had that feeling before? How many times you tell a person close to you, 'I love you'?

Remember: life is too short, so express your feelings. Let the special people in your life know that they're special. Don't be afraid to tell your crush that you admire them; tell them what you liked about them. Who knows, they might just felt the same thing too but was also too shy to tell you. The worst thing that could happen is them avoiding you (ie. rejection). If that is the case, you know he/she is not worth it after all. But do not hesitate! And to quote Kris Aquino, always "Love Love Love"!

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