Apr 15, 2015

We Cut The Cord - Goodbye Cable!

How much do you pay for your cable bill? I know I paid too much! Almost $200 a month for channels we hardly visit. Some I didn't even know existed! After a subscription issues with our cable company, I finally made up my mind and decided to cut the cord! Now we're saving money but still able to watch our favorite shows

 Before we even decided to get rid of cable, we already have Netflix subscription for a few years and we love their movie selections, also their show listing but you have to wait for at least a couple of months before they become available. That's why we decided to get a Hulu Plus account as the shows become available the next day after aired. They may not have all shows available, but they have the ones we like, like Goldbergs, How to Get Away with Murder, and Scandal. It's a plus that our main TV already have the apps. We can just watch our shows through Hulu or Netflix with only an Internet connection off our Vizio Smart TV. For our other TVs that are not "smart", we just bought a Fire TV Stick, hook the stick up to the Internet (preferably wireless, but wired works too), and it's good to go!

We still wanted to be able to see some current events so we hooked up an Indoor/Outdoor Antenna
and placed it in the attic. The antenna only costs less than $50 for one-time fee! That's it! And hooking it up is a no brainer. No need to pay someone to connect it for you.

All in all, we only paid one time for the antenna,  $10 and some change to Netflix, and $8.97 to Hulu Plus! We are never going back to cable ever again!

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