Apr 15, 2015

Hello to a new beginning...

...as my parents would say.

After 7 long years, my parents have finally moved to the US with me and my own little family.

I can still recall when me and my then 1-year-old son left my parents behind in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, to live with my husband in Texas. My heart broke so bad, but not as bad as their hearts were.

Being silly with grandson.
I was the youngest among 3 siblings and the only daughter. Then came my son, their youngest grandkid, who they took care of and sacrificed for since he was born. We were their lives!

I left them with a promise that one day, we would be together again. And that promise finally came true. Seven years of separation and anxiety all vanished on that moment when they heard the flight attendant saying "Welcome to Texas!".

First day, first snow experience!

Being apart halfway around the world was never easy. When calamities strike the Philippines - typhoons, earthquakes, war, etc - all I can do is listen to the news, pray to God, and hope that my parents would call me ASAP. And when they're sick, I always wish I am there to take of them. Oh how happy am I that they're finally here!

They came in the US as Immigrants since they decided to stay here for good. The first step was to submit a petition to the USCIS, then apply for their IR-5 visas (Immigrant Visa for Parents of a US Citizen). Later, I will post the whole process, to hopefully help those that are planning to bring their loved ones to US.

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