Mar 14, 2008

Our Engagement

We didn't went through the usual way of dating and we made our best to be engaged in normal way though it started as not the usual way too.

After a few months of exchanging very long emails, once a week the least, Andy proposed to me saying that he wanted to be with me for the rest of his life and be a father of my son before Abi starts looking for a father It touched me because it was the first time ever since I had my son to hear that someone wants to be a part of his as his father. Honestly, one of the reasons why I am still looking for love despite of the dreadful relationships I had in the past, which included my relationship with my son's biological father, is for my son to grow up as a normal child who has a family that is to be proud of and brag to his friends. Considering that he's a boy, I know that he needs to have a father figure to teach and let him understand the things that only a guy can tell him. I know it was hard to look for one, but I always takes chances because I truly believe that you wouldn't know what would happen until you tried it.

Back to Andy's proposal (I'm sorry I really forgot the date). Though I trust him when he said that he wants to marry me through his usual long email to me, but I am still uncertain about accepting it due to the fact that I was not hurt only once or twice because I keep loving the wrong prince who in the long run always turns to be a frog, but lots of times and I wanted to give my son the best father that he deserves to have. I wanted to make sure that if I'll be on another relationship again, it should be more than forever. During the time that he proposed, I still doesn't have an idea what he looks like. Though he describes himself physically already but I know it would be different if my own eyes would see his description. Don't get me wrong. I don't go for looks because, trust me, usually it doesn't do anything good to anyone and yes looks are deceiving. But again, we are talking about lifetime commitment here. Who would be someone crazy enough decides to marry someone she hasn't even saw? I'm just being realistic here.

He understands what I mean and so, he made an effort to send me pictures. Eventhough he's not that good in using a computer but he end up sending me some pictures on my email by the help of his ever supportive sister, Yvonne.

In JUNE 6, 2007, finally, I decided to marry him and was hoping that it was not too late and told him that I accepted his proposal of marriage. I was really thrilled that time. While typing the things I told him when I accepted the proposal, I imagined myself being Mrs. Jonaver Kuhn. Does it sound perfect? But yes, I was very sure about it when I told him that I wanted to marry him. By the way, by that time, we already been exchanging emails everyday because we realized how much we're missing each other. Though we just communicate with emails by that time.

We were both very excited and on the following day, we were already planning for our wedding which was originally set January 2, 2008 as the date because it is also the 50th birthday of my Mom. And after a few days he started talking on the phone. It was more different to hear his voice and eversince the first time he called, I wish that he'd always call for me to hear his voice again and I knew that he felt the same.

Then, in the middle of planning and checking on the processing for my Visa for me to be able to join him in the US with my son too, we found out that since we'll be married in the Philippines, I need to apply for a Spouse Visa. To apply for it, he needs to file a petition for me after the wedding which means that he should go back to the US after the wedding to file the petition but I can't fly with him yet since I need to have a Visa. We know that it would be very hard, so we decided to have the other option which is to apply for Fiancee Visa and have the wedding in the US so that we won't have to be separated again after the wedding which should make life easier for us once we're married because we'll be in each other's arms after the most important day of our life.

Because of the change in plan, we set another date for the wedding which would be February 29, 2008 because it is kinda unique since that date would come every 4 years, which is the leap year. We also consider the fact that he would be baptized on the INC church on the end of January because I am a member of the Church and we believe that we shouldn't marry someone who doesn't have the same beliefs as ours.

We then decided to meet in person before we start to apply for the Visa to prove that what we felt for each other is more than the love we have on the Internet.

It was September 12, 2007 when he arrived in Cagayan de Oro City. Of course, who would ever forget our first kiss which took place in the airport right after we were beside of each other. It was so quick, I couldn't even remember the feeling, because the Taxi driver immediately took his luggage which distracted his excitement to kiss me because he was worried someone would snatch his things.

When we arrive at the house, he then suddenly grab something from his bag which is a purple rose. It was not real though but I love it because it was the first flower that he gave me and the color is my favorite.

The very next day, we went to Davao because my relatives and close friends live there. We checked in in our hotel and ate late lunch at the Mall just in front of the hotel where we're staying at. Right after we ate, we went to find an engagement ring for me. We end up in a made-to-order ring which I get the chance to choose my own design. It is a semi-spiral 14-carat gold ring with a diamond in the center. But since they still need to make it, we need to wait for an hour for it. While waiting, we had our first date at Merco Claveria branch. I ate ice cream while he only had water since he can't eat sweets because of his diabetes and we just ate our lunch so we're still full.

Then we went back to the hotel and we already have the ring that time yet he doesn't want me to have it. While dressing up for the church service, he suddenly knelt down in front of me, showed me the ring then ask the common yet special question "Will you marry me?". To his surprise, I said no, then he immediately stood up and was about to leave but I managed to pull him and plead to ask me the same question again and he did, this time I said YES. Why not?!

So, that's the story of our engagement.

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