Mar 20, 2008

Facing problems

Many have asked me if how I do face my problems, especially those person who knows me so well. Anyone who knows what I have been through would really wonder what did I do to overcome those problems that I went through. Then I would say to myself, maybe I am just one of those lucky people. Why I think I am lucky? I am lucky because I always have someone who never fails to help me with my problem. Someone who would listen and tell me the things that I need to do. Someone who keeps me strong by letting me know that whatever I'd do, they're always on my side. Someone whom I can trust. Someone who always have their shoulder for me to cry. Someone who would say that I can always do it eventhough that at the back of my mind, I always think I can't.

I always think that I am optimistic but honestly, I am not, but I am just trying to be one. Whenever someone needs my help, that's when I become optimistic. I never want to have anyone hear something negative when they want advise from me because I don't want to let them down the same as I had never been down. But at the end of my problems, I always end up on the positive side, so I guess I am just lucky enough.

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