Mar 23, 2008

Here are the things that I usually do to fight boredom

Surf the Internet

There are lots of things to do on the net. You can fill up some survey or do a blog hopping.


I'm not that good in crocheting but I know the basics. With the basics of crochet, you can make a small pouch for your cellphone, pen, or whatever you want to put on it.

Read pocketbooks

I have a small collection of pocketbooks. I love to read suspense and mystery stories so that is what I have in my bookshelf. I admire V.C. Andrews's works too and since her books are series of stories, I am trying to complete each series.

Play with my son

It is really good especially when we're both bored. But most of the time, I play with him not because I am bored but I believe it is my obligation. I don't let him go out that much because it's hard for me to watch him, so we just play together.

Subscribe to unlimited text

Text all you want to your friends. Eventhough they would not text back but at least you have some to do.

So,if you haven't tried these things, you may do it and see if it helps.

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