Mar 23, 2008

I Remember The Boy, But ...

... I don't remember the feeling anymore ...

This song is sung by the Philippines's own Ms. Saigon, Lea Salonga. This is the song that I always relate to whenever I had moved on from a heart break cause by those mistakes I have made for hooking up with someone I think was the right one for me but ended up that they're all prince that would only turn into a frog at the end of our story.

I have not loved once or twice but lots of times and sad to say, no one had ever turned to be the prince that I have been looking for my whole life. In fairness to them, they have treated me nicely, but just nice and not more than that, which is what we most girls needed. But eventhough, I have no regrets for loving those men because if not, I would never be this strong as what I am now and I would not know what true love is. They have given me strength to face the heartaches. Each men that I love and each time they broke my heart, I always feel stronger. But not all girls are like me. It makes them weak and give up easily. But we, girls, should know that if someone left your or it just didn't work out between you, it only means that he's not meant for you, and trust me, someone better than him will come into your life, not now or sooner but he will.

And I would be proud to say that now, I have found the prince who is meant for me and we're getting married soon. How did I know he was the right one? I honestly didn't know until he made me feel that he is the right one.

So, you see! If your hearts are broken, don't worry because someone will come to you to fix it and would not let it break anymore forever. That's what life is and how love goes.

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