Mar 23, 2008

My favorite teacher

I may have lots of favorite teacher but only one is the best for me. She's Ma'm Ching, short for Concesa Lagare.

I first met her when I was a junior high school, when she was the Officer-In-Charge in our school that time until my senior year. It was when I was in junior year that she really inspired me. During that time, I was put into the 3rd and last section which leaves an impression to all people in school that we are the least smart among all the other students who are in 1st and 2nd sections. It was such a discrimination because I know that I was only put to that section due to lack of participation in class activities and my attendance is not good because I can be either absent or tardy most of the time. But I don't have a choice but to belong there.

One time, our English teacher was out so Ma'm Ching was the substitute teacher for a few days. She gave us an activity to write a story that evolves around six sisters who has different mothers but one father and a ring. Since I like to write, I was really thrilled to write my story. As I read it in front of the class, I was so surprised by my teacher's comment. She said that she always believes that not all students in the section 3 is less smart than in the higher sections, in fact, I am smarter than them. That was a great remark to hear from her and since that day, she always inspired me.

When I went to college, I was in the same school and took up Education course. She was then my professor. She continues to inspire me by her remarks regarding my works. Her love for us, her students, really shows. In fact, she didn't take her retirement on the appointed time because she wants to extend her job to be able to see us graduate since we are the 1st batch to take up major in Communication Arts in Reading.

Many thinks that she's just ordinary, but for me she's not. She's one of those people who inspired me through her own simple ways.

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