Aug 6, 2009

Walkmans to MP3s to iPods

Finally I am able to use the iPod shuffle that my mother-in-law gave to me last December. She knew that I like listening to music, that's why she gave me an iPod.

It took me awhile to use it coz our old computer is, uhmmm.. OLD and I can't download iTunes on it unless I upgrade its operating system to XP Service Pack 2 or higher. It only has Windows XP Home Edition, so I need to have it upgraded to Service Pack 1 then 2. It is such a hassle, I know, so I didn't do it coz I knew that we'll gonna get a new computer anyway. So now that we finally got a new one, I had the iTunes and downloaded my favorite songs in my shuffle. Yay!

Then I just happen to think about how portable media players evolved. I still remember having a walkman before, then came the MP3 players, and now the ipods. Technology! It just keeps getting better which is really good. Now I'm wondering what could be next after iPods. I can't wait!

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