Aug 15, 2009

Importing Mails to Window Mail

I'm so glad that I can access my email accounts in just one click now, by using Windows Mail a.k.a. Outlook for XP and older Windows operating systems. Yes, I have more than one email account, eight, to be exact. Why? For many reasons and I'm not gonna list them all here coz this post isn't about that. But one main reason is security since I'm doing alot of online stuff such as blogging, online jobs, business, etc.

Anyway, just in case you're like me who has a lot of email accounts and wants to access them all in just once click, I'm gonna share with you how I added my accounts in Windows Mail. I, actually, didn't add all of my accounts. Just two of them, Yahoo! and Gmail.

○ Yahoo!
You may have already heard about it, that only those who has Yahoo Mail Plus subscription can import their Yahoo! account to Windows Mail. That's not exactly true. I don't have Mail Plus subscription. Here's what I did:

1. Download YPOPs--an application which emulates a POP3/SMTP mail server and provides free POP3 and SMTP access to Yahoo! Mail.. Go to this link and select the latest version for Windows. Save file and run.
2. Open Windows Mail. Click Tools, then Accounts from the menu bar.
3. Click Add, highlight Email Account, then click Next.
4. Type your name. Click Next.
5. Enter your Yahoo! Mail address [with]. Click Next.
6. Select POP3 as Incoming e-mail server type. Put under Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server. Put under Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) name. Click Next.
7. Type your Yahoo! Mail username [without] and password. Leave everything else to default. Click Next, Finish, then Close.
8. On your Windows Mail window, click Send/Receive. Wait for your mails to load and you're set!

○ Gmail
Unlike Yahoo!, Gmail is easier to setup because it is supported by its server. All you need to do is login to your Gmail. Click on Settings, then Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Enable POP then save settings. Then click on Configuration Instructions. Just follow the instructions and you will be set with your Gmail.

For all your other email accounts, just check their settings and see if they have an option for forwarding/importing your emails to Windows Email. If they don't, search it on Google. That's what I did! :-P

Now, I have less hassle checking my accounts. I just had my Yahoo! and Gmail accounts important coz they are the ones that I checked almost everyday, plus all my other emails are setup to be automatically forwarded to my Yahoo! so I can still check the emails coming in without opening my accounts. So, just one click to Windows Mail from my desktop, and I would be able to see all the emails I received.

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