Aug 18, 2009

Burn Baby Burn (LOL)

This is not as funny as how the title looks like, it hurts. Finally, after 2 weeks living here, I had my first burn. I got it accidentally from the side of the oven while I was heating up Enchiladasfor our dinner. Surely it hurts and feels like burning for a few hours. They (Andy, my fiance, and Yvonne, his sister) keeps reminding me that always get apot holder to hold the pot or the pan coz it's hot but they never reminded me that the side of the oven is hot too (hehe), but no I am not blaming it to them. Now, it's not hurting anymore and I hope that it would not leave mark on my arm.

Speaking of which, I'm glad I'm receiving Medicare supplement so that in case worst thing may happen, I'm covered. Good thing I only have a small burn.

1 comment:

  1. i've been burned before, i was even pregnant that time, on my tummy pa. buti 1st degree burn lang, sa skin lang. pero super sakit, throbbing pain grabe!