Aug 4, 2009

Most sellable computer today

It's very impressive how some companies are still booming despite of the economic recession. Most of these companies are the computer manufacturers. Because of how expensive everything is nowadays, of course, that includes computers, people are taking a step back on buying things that are not part of their basic needs. But due to the Internet trend, computer is considered as necessity. Like for me, I use the computer and Internet to keep in touch with my parents and old friends. Yeah, I can use my phone but that's so impractical coz long distance call rate is not cheap. I'm also earning a little bit of money online. So it would only make sense for me to have a computer and Internet connection all the time.

Anyway, so how computer manufacturers are booming despite of how tight money is for most people now? They created netbooks. It is a tiny laptop computer designed specially for Internet connection. It has a fairly decent price for a laptop and works as great. Asus was the one who first made and released it in public around 2007, the HP, Acer, Dell, and all other computer manufacturers followed.

So, if you wanna have a computer but tight on budget, consider the Netbook coz it should be worth buying.

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