Aug 18, 2009

Call Center

A call center agent is someone who caters calls from any part of the world regardless of what place they are based. Nowadays, call centers had been increasing in the Philippines due to the most known fact that Philippines is less than most money in the world which means that the call center investors can save regarding salary wise for the call center employees. Though there are lots of call centers outside the Philippines but I have only observed what is within our country and it was obvious how the call center starts to get most job-seekers attentions and that made call center business become popular in our country.

As once a call center agent, I can say that being one was never easy in the sense that you need to deal with clients that comes all around the world which some, or maybe most are irates. One thing that's hard about a call center agent is having a multi-tasking job. Being alert is good but the pressure is not. Like most of the other jobs, they are settings targets to be achieved and help the company grow, but in a call center, nothing is consistent. The targets, the pacing, the workers, the standards and anything the like keeps changing and each time it changed, we need to adjust for our jobs to achieved the changes being made.

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  1. Hi Jona,

    Your blog contains the information that agents are doing the multitasking in call center. It is true and in Indian call center agents are also doing the multitasking and giving the best performance to give the satisfaction to the customer.