Jun 25, 2009

Your selection of NFL games

Guys and football games, they really come hand in hand. Which is as good as girls and drama TV series. But with me and my husband, whatever we wanted to do in our leisure time, we just support each other so I would also watch football once in a while though I'm not really that crazy about it. Lucky him we don't have TFC where I can watch my telenovelas!

Hubby works almost everyday but since he loves football so much, I always make sure that he watched his game. Most especially of his favorite team, Pittsburgh Steelers. Luckily, we got nfl sunday ticket from DIRECTV which lets my husband watch all his games every Sunday. It works for him and it works for me.

If you love watching football or anyone you know loves it, you can refer him to DIRECTV and check the nfl sunday ticket price. Anyone can get their own subscription as long as they already have DIRECTV. NFL Sunday Ticket is exclusive to DIRECTV only so you better get your own satellite connection before you check out nfl sunday ticket schedule. Otherwise, you would not have the chance to watch all your favorite games every Sunday.

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