Jun 1, 2009

Bathroom make-over

One thing I don't understand about some houses here in the US is the carpeted bathroom floor. Actually, our house has one and it sucks cos the part underneath the toilet was molded really bad. Now, we're planning to do a bathroom make-over or get a new house to where we'll have a bathroom with a non-carpeted floor. But, for now, we'll probably do the first choice. So I am looking online to see how much it will cost to have our bathroom floor carpet removed and be replaced by concreted tiles. While looking online, I also realized that we need to have our shower faucets replaced cos the waters not running the way it is supposed to from our shower faucet now.

Anyway, I guess I need to call it a day cos it's really late now, 3:30AM and me and my husband are still awake. Of course, hubby's just waiting for me to be done with my blogging tasks. I will just continue the search tomorrow and hopefully do some blogging too.

To my readers, see you when I see you (LOL).

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