Jun 11, 2009

1st Year Anniversary in the US

Today is a year since I first got here in the US. I can't even believe it! Time went by so pass, and it's just so hard to realize it.

Honestly, life wasn't as easy as what we thought it should have been. All the adjustments we had in this new foreign country was one of the hard things we ever had within a year of living here. Actually, we're not even fully adjusted yet, but I know we'll gonna get there sooner or later.

I still consider myself lucky though, cos everyone whom I expected to support me never failed me. My husband was always been the best provider, taking care of us with all his best. My parents who are also trying to survive the loneliness they felt after we left was always been so loving and a great inspiration to me. My bestfriend whom despite of her busy schedule can still find the time to reply to my long e-mails, just to keep in touch with me. My parents-in-law who had always been treating me as their own since the first time I met them. Those people made me feel that life here is wonderful no matter how tough it can be most of the time. And that what matters most to me.

I know we'll have more tough times to come, but I know too that God will let me go through cos He is the one who gave me this life, He is the one who gave me everything I needed, He is the one who brought me here, and He is the one behind my strength to face everything.

Today, on my 1st year Anniversary in the US, I don't only celebrate my time being here, but the things I had been through and still had my feet standing firmly on the ground, ready to face another year of challenges, struggles, and of course, happiness.

Beauty of Life

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