Jun 28, 2009

Black tie

I know you already know what a tuxedo is, but do you know what event it is use for and what dress code it belongs to? I'm sure not all of you know that. So, let me share you this.

Way back in the Philippines, we thought tuxedos are worn during formal events, but I found out that we're wrong from wikipedia website. It is use for semi-formal evening events or to many types of social functions. It is the dress code called black tie where tuxedo belongs to. It is commonly worn by a man but I saw some woman who wears it too, for some reason. In British, it is called dinner jacket, while in France, it's called smoking. It is usually black but can also be seen in midnight blue. The term tuxedo originated in North America, and that is where it's most used.

Well, that is just a little information that I saw and thought that might be interesting for y'all. It came interesting to me though.

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