Jun 28, 2009


It has been over a month since I got my employment authorization card yet I'm still jobless. I have been waiting patiently for my EAC and thinking that I could get a job right away after I had it, but no, it was so far from what I have been hoping to happen. Maybe I just underestimated the economic recession here in the US. Truly, it isn't easy to find a job here especially for someone like who is very new to this country. I may have job experiences in the Philippines but I doubt that they would consider it for credentials.

So, all this things had been bothering me so much that I couldn't get enough sleep anymore. Maybe getting a sleep number bed can help me get some good sleep, at least. Sigh! It's just frustrating but I am not hopeless yet. Hubby is reassuring me that I would be getting my first job here soon. It is just a matter of getting my feet wet. I just hope that it would really really son coz I can't wait to see what my job would be.

Beauty of Life

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