May 8, 2009

Staying Fit

Looking at my body now makes me so desperate about staying fit. I am way much bigger than what I am used to. Everytime an old friend of mine from the Philippines sees me, their first comment would usually about how big I am now and it hurts to admit, but yes I am really big now.

I used to weigh 94lbs. before but now I weigh 145lbs. I am so tempted to get the best diet pills just so I can get the body I had before. That way I'd feel confident about my body again. But I guess it wasn't a good idea at all.

While thinking about this, it came to my mind that it is just really a matter of disciplining myself, food and exercise wise. Good thing I found a gym near us that's so affordable and provides the same facility like the other expensive gyms. I'll go there one of this days and check it out. I also have avoided soda for two weeks now. So, you see, I'm really working on it.

Well, actually the real reason why I wanted to have a slim body is not just for me to look but to feel good as well cos I feel so much healthier when I was slim.

Beauty of Life

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