May 19, 2009

At the starting point

I woke up very early this morning, 5:30AM which is very new and it's like a miracle cos I usually wakes up at 12 noon or 1:00PM. You may be asking why. Well, it's because I went to sleep early last night plus I had a 5-minute walking exercise. Haha! I know it's not something bragging about but I was proud of myself cos I have been saying that I'd want to exercise million times already but never did it until yesterday. Then early this morning, I did a 15-minute workout. Boy, I love the feeling!

Actually, I am planning to do some taebo or kickboxing cos they say it's a great way to lose some weight cos any cardiovascular exercise can help burn lots of calories, plus it would teach you self defense. But I'm not going to enroll myself in a class cos I know a cheaper way to do it, yet getting the same result. You wanna know? Well, just simply buy the tapes available anywhere (I saw some on eBay and Amazon) by just googling it. Those tapes has the step-by-step video instructions from the beginning to the end of the program, then you can do it in the comfort of your home. So, you don't only get to exercise, but save some gas and time for travel.

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