May 25, 2009

Do you love summer?

Summer's almost here so now is the right time to plan things that should be done outside. I just love summer, not the heat, but the fact that we can do a lot of things outside compared to cold season where we always feel like being stuck inside the house.

So, you may be you're wondering what the things I'm planning for this summer. Well, nothing unusual. Pretty much the same thing we had last year. You know, have some fun in the water by going to lakes, waterparks, etc. That's why I love about summer cos you can be outdoors and can be soaking wet anytime you wanted to.

Well, for those days that we want be able to go out to parks, I love just staying out in the porch. Grill some meat in the pit and enjoy the moment being outside. Only that we need to get some patio furniture to make our staying outside more comfortable.

How about you? Do you love summer?

Beauty of Life

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