May 25, 2009

Our Nicest Neighbor

Last Thursday, May 21st, afternoon, we were surprised with a Little Tykes table and chairs outside our house. It was set on the ground properly just like somebody put them purposely. We just left it there thinking that somebody just left it there accidentally. But it was still there the next day and the next day. We're guessing that somebody really left it there in purpose and somehow knew that we got a 2-year-old. So, we just brought it inside the house.

Then, just this afternoon, someone knocked on our door. It was our only neighbor who says hi to us (really..our neighbors are not friendly) and he lives in the house next to us. We found out that he was the Santa neighbor who just left something for our son outside our house. He was just making sure that we found it and let us know that he got more stuff in his house. Those toys are actually his daughter's but she's already too old to play with them now, so he decided to give them to my son if it's okay with us. Of course, it is AOK for us! Free things are good cos they're FREE (lolz)!.

So, aside from the table set we got the other day, we got a big toy box, blocks, and couple lawn chairs, all for my son. Though they're not brand new toys but they look new for my son and he was so happy about it. Thanks to OUR NICEST NEIGHBOR (*wink*).

Beauty of Life

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