May 4, 2009

Clean, inside and out

Last week, a friend of mine and my Mom from the Philippines sent me a text message about the epidemic that has been around the US now, Swine Flu. It got them so worried especially when they heard the news that a 22-month-old boy died in Brownsville, TX because of the said flu.

I know this news may not be new to you anymore and you may have already read a lot of stuff about it --what it's about, protective measures, etc. But even without the swine flu, we should always protect ourselves because prevention is always better than cure. We should always make sure that we're clean inside and out. And actually being clean means being healthy too. That's why colon cleanse is good because that would clean you inside.

I hope that everyone knew how to keep themselves clean so that everyone can avoid the dreadful diseases such as swine flu.

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