Jul 29, 2015

Power of Make-Up

My son asked me, "why do you spend so much time putting make-up on? For me, nothing changed on your face." I told him, "son, make-up should not change one's face. Rather, improve the beauty that one already have. I know it doesn't make sense to you. But let me put it this way - make-up makes me happy! And that will always remain a mystery to some people, especially men." Surprisingly, it kept him shut. Such a smart kid to understand that he will never get the answer he wants, so why bother ask again.

Don't get me wrong. I am not one who can't leave the house without makeup on but I do enjoy the time when I do. I am confident with myself. I go to work every day with no makeup on and I think I look beautiful, (my mirror does not lie). Yes it usually takes me forever (not to mention the time to fix my stubborn hair), but the result I see with how much prettier [I think] I look boosts up my confidence.

Here is a perfect video that shows how makeup changes one's existing beauty:

Make-up should enhance one's features, if done properly. A blush transforms your pale vampire face to a live human look. Mascara and eyeshadow opens up your eyes thus getting a better windows to your soul. And lipstick does not only give you kissable lips but it also pulls the look together.

I am no make-up expert by any means but I sure know when there's too much on. My one important rule of thumb: dark eyes does not go together with dark/bright lipsticks and vice versa. For me, it's too much color on your face. If you wanna put off a smokey eyes, stick with nude lips and just a hint or blush to none. If you want to wear bright lipstick, stick with natural eyeshadow shades.

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