Jul 20, 2015

My [im]Perfect Marriage

No marriage is perfect and ours is not exempted. It's like any kind of relationship, there will always be misunderstandings. And that is totally normal because no two people are the same. We are all made unique in one way or another, so there will always be differences between us.

Marriage is a contract which should only end with death. Some people sees it as just a paper, but I see it as a promise to God. A promise to take care of the person whom He blessed me with. 

After my terrible relationship before I met Andy, I gave up on men. Given that none of my past relationships were great, I thought it is never for me. But despite of the pains, I still had that tiny bit of hope that God already picked the perfect one for me. And with some encouragement from friends, I decided to open myself up and that's when I found Andy.

Now that we are married for seven amazing years, I could say that we have become better as a couple and as individuals. I would be lying if I say that never once did I think of leaving him. He is not perfect by any means. But I cannot imagine myself being with another man. Anyone better than him. There were a few times that we could have given up but no matter how much we hate each other at the time, we still know that we have more good days than bad. And that's what we will always hold on to - the good memories we made and even the bad ones that we learned from.

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