Jul 13, 2015

Hidden treasure

I was looking for some boxes in our closet when I came across Andy's (my husband) keyboard.

Yes, he used to play keyboard. He used to have it in the living room of our old house so he could easily sit and play when he wants. But when Dion (my son) was about 3, he decided to stick a gum in it and we never got rid of it completely. Since then Andy never played it again. It also didn't help that the stand gave up.

So, I searched the Internet for a good keyboard stand and stumbled upon pl200. It's a Proline brand and known for it's sturdiness and reliability. It has an x-brace design with quick release lever and locking width and height for easy adjusting which is perfect for our family. I am sure Andy will be glad to be able to use his keyboard again on this neat stand.

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