Nov 26, 2010

A Trip To The Park

Originally uploaded by jona_jz
I am so glad that I have today's off. It's not easy getting the Black Friday cos at my work, only one person to allowed to take off on Fridays. And everyone would want to have off on the day after Thanksgiving. Who would want to have off on Thursday, go back to work on Friday, then off again on Saturday? It's so much nicer to have those straight days off and lucky me I got it. I requested it too early, that;s why. I think it was March when I requested it (LOL).

Anyway, since it's my off, I took my son to the park which what he'd been asking me for a long time. I don't even remember the last time we went to a park together since I started working. He had a blast, as you can see on this photo. Also, he found a playmate there, Jorge.

The park we went to is Gilleland Creek Park, I think one the largest park in Pflugerville and if I'm not mistaken it is adjoining another park (I'm not sure though. It is one of my favorite parks just about 5 minutes from our house and a mile away from a shopping center. It has an olympic size pool, two playgrounds, a creek, hiking/biking trail, and picnic tables which is very ideal for family hang out.

We spent a few hours at the park, then went out for lunch, did some shopping, got my car washed, and home. So that's how we spent our Black Friday!


  1. Hi mommy Jona my first time here. I click through your link from Pinay Mommy group.

    Buti naman nakakpag park pa kayo, dito super lamig na

  2. Hi Jona, Visiting you for the first time. thank you for this post. I enjoy! Have a great day!


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