Nov 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving To Americans!

Tomorrow is my third Thanksgiving/Turkey Day and this is one of my most favorite holiday here in the US. Because one, there's a lot of food, and two, the Holiday season officially starts. The best thing about this year's Thanksgiving for me is I GOT BLACK FRIDAY OFF, not to go shopping (though I'm thinking about it) but just having 4 straight days off but luckily, I'll get 7 days this time....woohooo! (I know, my work mates are jealous...sorry guys!)

Anyway, we're having our Thanksgiving at my parents-in-law's house this year. My first one was at our house, second was at my brother-in-law's house. And whoever the host fixed the turkey. This time, we'll be bringing the fresh-baked rolls and pecan pie which all made by my husband (I know, I'm lucky!). What I'll be doing? I'll be the photographer (LOL).

And since it's Thanksgiving, I wanna share the things that I am most thankful of. First is my relationship to God, that despite of all my sins, He has never left me, instead helped me pass through them and cleansed my self. He is very forgiving and I Thanked HIM for that. Second is my family -- my wonderful husband, my precious son, my patient parents, and loving in-laws. I am so blessed with amazing people around me. That includes my friends here in the US and my forever friends in the Philippines which made me believe that true friendships knows no boundaries and distance. I can't wait to spend a bunch of laughters with them again soon. So before tears would start to fall, let me end this post with a question....


Happy Thanksgiving!! Gobble, gobble, gobble! :P

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  1. I've been reading your blog for almost two months now and I am very happy reading it. I can say you have a blessed life because you put God before anything else. I'll keep visiting your website from time to time, checking what are the new write-ups you made. Have a great day to you.