Nov 25, 2010

Photography and Me: Bokeh

weed flower 1
Originally uploaded by jona_jz
I just started entering the world of photography. I have always been into it but didn't get the chance to work myself to it until I got my first DSLR which I have always been wanting to have since I've known camera. So you may see more pictures in this blog showcasing my shots.

This picture is my first 'bokeh' picture. Bokeh is what they call the blur in the picture, the out-of-focus part, or outside of depth of field. By the way, I didn't know about bokeh until a week ago when I first started reading about DSLR.

This picture was taken at my parents-in-law's backyard earlier while thanksgiving dinner is being prepared and my son decides to play outside and I took the opportunity that while he was outside playing, I can watch him and play myself at the same time. So this is one of the pictures that I took.

I don't exactly know what this specific flower is but I know it is a weed flower. These are the flowers that we don't notice most of the time and wanted to get rid of. Most of us doesn't realize that these flowers are actually pretty up-close. Thanks to macro lens.

I will try to get more pictures and practice my power of clicks. Wish me luck!


  1. Photography is awesome. People love to do this beacuse they want to show the beauty of our surroundings. Goodluck to you!


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  3. Nice picture Jona..Hopefully you are enjoying your photography..