Sep 18, 2009

Yay! Got new Yahoo! Mail now (TOO!)

I got so jealous when I saw my husband's Yahoo! Mail that has a new look. It has a box where you can type your update/status just like Facebook. Then you can put applications on the right side and get updates from friends on your contact list as well (See image below). It looks like a social networking page (specifically, Facebook). It is so cool!

I don't if I'm the only one who's left behind or what! But I wonder why my Yahoo! Mail doesn't have those cool new features? It's me who can make use of those features and my husband doesn't really use them at all. Arrrggghhh!

So, earlier today, I finally had the chance (and patience) to figure out how to do it. And, of course, I'm gonna share it with you. It's actually not that hard, but trying to figure it out is hard.

Anyway, all you need to do is switch it to Yahoo! Mail Classic. You should see those features there. Then, on the right hand side of the Classic screen, click on Try New Yahoo! Mail (or something like that) link. You should see the new features on your new Yahoo! Mail. If it doesn't work, you may need to change your account's Country/Language by clicking to My Account link on the top of Yahoo! Page.

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