Sep 23, 2009

Bus riding around downtown Austin

This coming Monday would be my first day of work in downtown Austin. I'm so excited and worried coz I don't drive yet so I'd gonna end up drive with my mother-in-law home or take a bus if she's gonna be out of town.

I have been here in Austin, TX for a little over a year but we've never been around the downtown area that often coz we don't wanna fight traffic. So I asked my husband if we can go around downtown just to see where do I need to go to take a bus and what bus do I need to take since there are lots of routes around Austin.

We started in the nearest bus stop/park and ride to our house which is around 5 miles away from us. We took a route that will pass by where I'm working at and that wasn't a short one. It took us about 45 minutes to get where we're planning to go. So I decided that once I'd be able to get my license, I'd rather drive to work and fight the traffic than suffer being dizzy with all the stops with a bus.

We then took a short trip (about 5 minute) from my workplace to my mother-in-law's office. That was short, so I can deal with it everyday, but not the long trips with million stops (ugh!).

That was such an experience and we learned a lot of things--the routes, stops, people we'll be riding with, etc. And I was glad that I was able to somehow to around downtown a little before my first day of work day. Of course, I'm excited to go to work. I remember myself when I first got here in Austin and saw the tall buildings, I said that I wish I'd be able to work in one of those tall buildings, and starting this Monday, I will be. Thank God for never unfailing support.

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