Jul 21, 2009

I owe everything to God

This is another late post. I know I should've been posting this last week but I just never had a chance. Why? You will know later, so read on.

I am so thankful to our Lord above for all the blessings that I got from Him --everyday blessings and those blessings that I consider miracle for they don't always come in normal basis. I am talking about the things that I had been always asking from him --a job and our Greencard!

From the time I got a hold of my employment authorization card, I have looked for a job. I guess I submitted applications online and walk-in to more or less 50 companies. Yes, that's how hard I looked for one. It was hard for someone like me who never had experience working here [US] and being fresh from the boat. I even lose hope at some point but my husband has always been there to support and enlighten me [Thanx Hon! *wink*]. Finally, a company accepted me! T'was last week when I started my training and even the job itself before I even got done with my training. Today was my 2nd day of work and so far, I'm enjoying it! It's a pretty challenging job but I guess it is just a matter of getting used to it.

Last March 09, we applied for our [me and my son] adjustment of status. After the long wait [4 months] and a request for additional evidence [RFE], we finally got our Greencard! Which means that we're no longer out of status and we're free to travel in and out of the country when we want to. We no longer feel staying here illegally [though we never were]. It was such a relief! But we'll gonna see USCIS about 21 months from now for the removal of condition [permanent residency status]. And for now, we're just enjoying the moment without stress from USCIS.

I would also like to mention that yesterday was Our 1st Wedding Anniversary which is another blessing that we got. I know we're not married that long yet but we [me and hubby] are still glad coz we're able to get through the 1st-year-stage of our married life and just learned how much we love each other, now stronger and better than before.

So, for all those blessings we got, we owe them all to God coz they all came from Him. THANK YOU!

Beauty of Life

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