Jul 25, 2009

2 motorcycle accidents in 1 one day

When I opened my Yahoo! Mail today, I browsed through the latest news. It's been awhile since I go through those, so it took me awhile reading news that interests me. Then I saw a news dated June 25, '09 with the headline A Couple of Motorcycle Accidents in California Caused by Negligent Cagers.

The first one was caused by reckless driving. A woman driver of a 2004 BMW travelled with 100mph speed struck a 2007 Suzuki GSX-R750 motorcycle that threw the driver to the pavement, where he hit his head. He was taken to the hospital right away and was reported with stable condition while the BMW driver turned herself in according to the California Highway Patrol.

While the second one was way worse than the first one. The motorcycle driver was dead on the spot after being thrown from his motorcycle to the front side of a unidentified pick-up while stopped on a red light and a Silver 2005 Silver Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport SUV driven by 31-year-old woman running on 3-digit speed lost her control with the vehicle when she made a right turn.

I felt so sorry to the victim of reckless driving which are all happening everywhere no matter how strict the road patrols are, people still get out of their way on the road. We just all wish that things like this are not happening, if only drivers are careful with their driving. Also, Pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney are more than willing to help out with cases like this. But still, it's always better to be careful than be sorry.

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