Jul 21, 2009

I didn't lose weight but I got shaped

"I didn't lose weight but I got shaped"...at least that's what I thought and my husband told me so too.

I still can't believe how much I'm weighing right now. Even my old friends can't believe it as well. I'm used to be one the slimmest person in my circle of friends, but now, I'm the biggest. How sad is that?!

Actually, I am satisfied with my body right now except for my big belly. That wasn't a surprise though coz I already gave birth which stretched my belly. But I'm working on losing some weight now coz I don't wanna go overweight and risk myself of getting illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure coz those are the kind of illnesses that runs in our family. So I know that just one mistake, I may get those illnesses too.

Now, I'm working out whenever I have the time and if I don't, I'll find some time. I bought TAE-BO Get Ripped 2 [6 tapes] by Billy Blanks and do my TaeBo workout at least twice a week. For those days that I can't workout, I'll go swimming and have couple of rounds of freestyle. I also do about 3 sets of sit-ups almost everyday to tone down my belly. Of course, I'm watching my diet as well. Instead of 2-3 cans of soda a day, I only have it once week, sometimes none. I also have wheat bread instead of white bread. And before I used to eat greasy food such as burger and mozzarella sticks every single day, but now, NEVER.

So, those are the things that I'm doing to try to lose weight, be healthy, and get a shape. Also, I keep myself motivated for doing those things and I have to motivate me are my old clothes which are my favorite. Those clothes barely fit me anymore but I can't afford to lose them by giving them away or throwing them. So for me to wear them again, I need to lose some weight and have the body that I have when I used to wear those clothes, otherwise, buh-bye to them.

Anyway, there are some diet pills that can help lose weight faster. I've heard about ephedrine which is very effective. I know it was Nuphedra supplement that contains ephedra but when I searched it online, they are still in the process of reformulating their product. So I'll just wait for their new product coz I'm sure it'd be more effective.

So, to those who are trying to lose weight some me, stay tuned coz I'll be sharing more ideas on how to effectively lose weight.

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