Jul 22, 2009

Got a new phone but I'm not happy

I'm not happy not because I don't like my phone [Heck, I love it! I got Samsung Eternity!] but because I know that I don't deserve it.

My old phone [Samsung SGH-A737] was still working except that it keeps saying that the memory is full, thus, I can't browse through the Internet, check my Email, and send pictures/videos to Facebook & Youtube with it. We paid unlimited MediaNet for me to be able to do all those stuff coz I'm such a Net freak. I've been having that problem about couple of months ago but I was able to resolve it by deleting every single thing I can delete from my phone memory [ie Calendar reminders, ringtones, games, etc.] but I can't delete all the ones that came with the phone which consumed 90% of the memory. When I first got the phone and didn't have the external memory [microSD] yet, I was able to save a lot of pictures, reminders on my calendar, download music, and alot of stuff without having any problem. So I don't understand why after all the deletion of all the files that I made, it still saying that it doesn't have enough memory.

So earlier this morning, we went to the nearest AT&T store we have and found out that my phone got a water damage [damn!]. I'm not eligible for phone upgrade coz I just had that August of last year [a birthday gift for me from hubby]. Good thing though that hubby's phone is eligible for upgrade so we used his line to upgrade my phone and got a big discount, otherwise we could've paid the full amount and for sure I won't have the phone that I like.

Hubby, as usual, let me choose what I want and I have the Samsung Eternity. Sure is the phone is very pretty but I really don't deserve it. I felt so bad for not taking care of my old phone. And money is not easy nowadays [sigh..]. But still hubby never hesitated to buy me a new one and something that I want, and didn't got mad at me :-D.

Thank God for giving me such wonderful, loving, understanding, and giving husband!
Beauty of Life


  1. Its nice one ! cheer up....


  2. wow nice! you're blessed indeed. and you deserve it :D