May 9, 2015

Top 10 Highlights Of My Life

I tuned in to my favorite morning radio show, Bobby Bones Show, this morning like my usual daily drive to work, when I heard them sharing some highlights of their life, which inspired to me to write this post. 

Here is the Top 10 highlights of Jona's life!

10. First kiss.
Yes, I consider this as the 10th highlight of my life. I don't know about you but I'd never forget my first ever kiss. It was with my first boyfriend. I was 18 years old then, the age that my Dad said I could start dating. I remember waking up the next morning thinking about how sweet my first kiss was.

9. 18th Birthday.
Back in the Philippines, 18th birthday is kind of a big deal, for most girls. It was for me. Not only because I can start dating at 18, but it's like you become an official adult at 18.

My 18th birthday is my 9th highlight because it was a huge celebration. Huge enough for an 18 layer cake and around 300 guests! My crushes were there and were part of my 18 Roses (18 most important men of my life). Yes I had the longest hair that day!

8. First ever job.
Finally done with school, earned my bachelor's degree, and I [thought] was ready to start my independence - reason why this is my 8th highlight.

That moment when the interviewer tell you "Welcome to the [XY] company!", attending your first job orientation, and receiving your first was so exciting! Then you realized that working and earning your own money comes with a huge responsibility. It wasn't as fun as you expected it to be. Much more when you start paying your own bills.
7. First full-time job in the US.
A lot of people in the Philippines keeps wishing for the chance to work abroad, hoping for a lot better pay than what we could earn in our county even with a degree. So, when I came to Austin, TX and drove along downtown, I always admired the tall buildings and secretly wished to work in one of them. That wish came true, that's why this is my 7th highlight.

Almost 6 years have passed and I'm still working for the same company but in different position. I love the company and considered myself lucky to work for a growing company that values good work environment and does a few things to show appreciation to their employees. I've been given a lot of opportunities that I never thought I would have the chance of doing.

6. College graduation.
Graduating with bachelor's degree in 4-years made this my 6th highlight. You'd probably say..well aren't you suppose to finish it in 4-years anyway? You're right but there were people who thought I would never make it because I am such and such. Such negativity, I know! And I proved them wrong. Because of that, I couldn't be happier.

Since then, people's criticisms have became my motivation.

5. Getting my first brand new car.
I never thought I would ever own a brand new car! It was just a dream when I was still in the Philippines. And it's another dream-come-true which makes this the 5th highlight of my life. Thanks to the financial institution who approved me with a great rate for an auto loan, I was able to drive my beautiful Magda (yes, my car has a name) home! :)
4. Buying our first home.
Same as getting a brand new car, buying my own home was also just a dream back then. So, this definitely deserves the 4th spot. Of course, this dream wouldn't become a reality if not for my husband's support. This was our dream and we made it happen with both our hard work and determination.

3. Immigrating to US.
My life changed big time when my husband brought me to live with him in his homeland, the land of opportunities, the United States of America! And that alone is enough reason for this to be the 3rd highlight of my life.

2. Marrying my man.
Need I say more?! My husband is truly a blessing to me! Yes, we have our ups and downs, just like anybody else, but our love is strong enough to keep us together. He is a heaven's sent to me! Why? Because I specifically prayed to God for me to meet a guy like him. Now, tell me this doesn't deserve the second spot! 
1. Giving birth to my son.

The BEST highlight of my life is receiving the best gift from heaven - my own guardian angel on earth! Getting pregnant and giving birth is magical for me. It's a true miracle having a microscopic creature grow into a human body inside of me, and becoming an instrument by God to nurture his child.

I would love to hear your highlights in life. Make yourself you own list, and just like me, you would appreciate what you have so far, that would serve as an inspiration for you to strive harder and add more highlights to your list.

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