May 10, 2015

Fun Facts About Mom by Abi

First of, let me say "Happy Mother's Day" to all the loving and kind Moms out there. I hope you had a good one! I'd like to say 'to all' but we all know that not all mothers deserved to be one, unfortunately.

On the bright side, I love how my son surprised me with his home (or school) made mother's day card. He is usually pretty bad with keeping secrets from me. My husband actually learned that the hard way. But this year, my son only mentioned Mother's Day one time this week and never again until the actual day, when I got down the stairs, and he proudly handed me his purple (my favorite) color card. I was totally surprised that he actually made something for me. Well, thanks to his teacher for letting the kids show their creativity while learning the importance of celebrating their mothers.

Inside the purple card is a little questionnaire they fill out about their moms and below is what Dion thought of me. I love his answer in "the one thing I hear my mom say a lot is" and how he thinks I'm funny because I gave birth to him. LOL.

I'm a very proud mom of my smart, silly, and loving kid! Each time I look at him, I know I'm doing something good in life to deserve such an awesome son. And that alone makes me the happiest mother, not only on mother's day but every day of my life.


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