Mar 16, 2016

Money Saving Tips

When we decide to change, we must change for the better or it will defeat the purpose of change.

I used to hate money! I hate it so much that I never hold on to them long enough to spend it for something more important. I hate it so much that I never try to save them. But I realized that we should love our hard-earned money because we spend time for it. Time that we will never be able to get back. We sacrificed a lot for it. We invested too much emotions for it. Have you ever think of that?

I didn't, until just recently, when someone invited me over to watch a presentation which opened my mind and made me realize that I'm not doing a good job taking care of something that I worked hard for. We work hard to earn money for our family and to live our dreams someday, don't we?

So, one important addition in this blog is the "Money Saving Tips" section. You'll get NEW useful tips each time your refresh the site or visit other pages within my site. These are just simple ideas that we tend to overlook or don't realize until we hear it from somebody else.

Along with my blog's new name and look, I am aiming to use this blog to help people in making better decision with their finances which is aligned with my new venture with WFG (see: Financial Literacy Campaign). Hopefully, you will learn simple tips that could somehow help you in saving some of your hard-earned money and use for something more important.

Remember, love your money by saving as much as possible to use it to build your dreams and protect your families future.

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