Mar 15, 2016

Blog changes = Life changes

I am so excited for these new updates in my blog.

As you've seen in one of my previous posts, I've been blogging for eight years. Imagine all the changes I've done?! Countless - some drastic and some are not.

So, now, I've done another huge update.

First, my domain name was changed from to my real name

I've been in a long break before I started blogging again and took some income assignments, here and there. But I realized I'm not, and will never be as active, as what I used to. Plus I forgot most of the blogging tricks I used to practice. So, I turn into finding someone who could guide me in maximizing my blog's purpose. Her first advise was to create a brand - something unique and will stand out. So, yes, I think my real name is nothing but a perfect brand for me.

Before, I only had three types of posts in my blog - personal, traffic-driven, and paid posts - because of my shallow goal - to earn money through blogging. Though it's nice earning just sitting in front of my laptop in my PJs, I wanted to do more than that. Actually, I wanted to do more in life than just working 8+ hours a day, browsing through Facebook for I-do-not-even-know-why-but-stalking-people, watching my shows, night out with friends, etc. I wanted to make a difference.

That's when I did a lot of reflecting - how can I make difference? what am I good at? how do I do it?

According to Einstein
First thing that I know had to be done is to CHANGE.

I got rid of some distractions - people and things. Focused on my dreams. Wrote down my goals. Set out a plan that is designed to change when uncontrollable situation calls. And keep moving forward.

Along with my recent life choices to change is a good change for this blog with the goal of reaching out to more people and execute my mission.

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