Feb 17, 2016

How to survive a crazy wife (Bedtime)

Just one of those random questions I ask my husband, "Do you love me?" (Ha! Random?!NO!). Of course, he'd have to say yes.

He is smart like that.

Then, I asked him, "How do you love a crazy wife?" (now, this is random!). This is actually the first time I asked him this question. So, I told him, "you should write a book with that title!". As a normal husband as he is, he said, "No, I'm gonna write about 'How to survive a crazy wife'". Then he started listing things.

So, according to my very loving, supportive, and almost-as-crazy-me husband, here is his Top 3 Ways to Survive a Crazy Wife during bedtime (based solely on his own experience):
1. Watch for the slap
Why: I like quickslapping him. Just that quick, painless slap (more like a tap) on the cheek. No I am not beating him up!
2. Prepare to sleep on the floor when you are push out of bed.
Why: There's no why! There is no truth to him being pushed out of bed. I take his spot, yes! But no pushing. C'mon! You better believe me!
3. Wear body armor to bed because she will hit you when she's dreams about you cheating on her
 Why: Haha! I do get those dreams, sometimes. And yes, I do hit him in my sleep. Punched, kicked, slapped. But still, I'm no husband-beater.

That's all he can think of right now. And I'm serious about making him write the book but I'd be proofreading it first, just to make sure he's not "lying" about it. *wink*

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