Apr 15, 2009

My Top 3 Favorite Things To Do (For Now)

I guess everyone noticed that I'm a kind of person who easily gets tired of everything, except for my loved ones (*wink). I used to be obsessed with blogging. I blog almost everyday and make at least 3 post a day. If you don't believe me, check out my last year's Archive. I still love blogging though, cos if not, I won't be making this post, but not as much as how I love it when I started doing it. But it got too old for me that I don't do it very often now. Also, there are new things that are keeping me busy now and this is what this post about.

So, here are the my New Top 3 Favorite Things To Do on my pastime:
1. Ticket To Ride Game - This is all my husband's fault (lol! blaming it on him). He introduced me to the board game version when I first got here. It is one of his favorite board game. Then we realized that we can play online against other players from all around the globe. So, we usually play online the whole day until one of our computers crashed and only one working now.

2. Cosmopolitan - Yes, the magazine. This is the only magazine that I'd read from cover to cover cos it has everything that interests me: relationship advice, fashion, showbiz, beauty talks, and sex (oh yeah!). I have my subscription so I can get it once a month and read it for couple of days. So it doesn't really take too much of my time.

3. Facebook - I've been a member couple of years ago but wasn't interested in it until a month ago. Talking about pastime, this is, for me, a perfect way to let the time pass really quick. Of course, I have my favorite applications -- Fashion Wars, YoVille, Speed Racing, and Sorority Girls

There you go! Now you know why I haven't been posting for a while now. Well, I got new things to do. For sure, those things will get old too most especially when I'll get a job which hopefully be soon.

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